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About Me

👋 Hey, I’m Andrew—an IT enthusiast who took an unexpected detour from Criminal Justice to the world of technology. 🕵️‍♂️ Now, I thrive on bytes, pixels, and all things digital.

When I'm not immersed in work, you'll find me:

Professional Experience



  • AZ-104 - Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator
    • Demonstrates my expertise in managing Azure resources, security, and governance.
  • AZ-900 - Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals
    • Establishes my foundational knowledge of Azure cloud services and solutions.

Professional Roles

  • IT Business Owner
    • As the founder of Sky Time LLC, I successfully established and operated a small IT services business.
    • Worked closely with residential clients and small businesses to address their IT needs, troubleshoot issues, and provide tailored solutions.
    • Leveraged my expertise to enhance operational efficiency and ensure seamless technology experiences for clients.

  • Cloud Engineer (MSP Experience)
    • At an MSP (Managed Service Provider), I played a critical role in supporting clients' Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments
    • Despite the intense learning curve, I quickly adapted and became proficient in AWS within a tight timeframe
    • Trained the tier 1 team, sharing my knowledge and empowering them to handle AWS-related challeneges effectively

  • Network Engineer
    • Collaborated with colleagues to develop the tier 2 networking team, collaborating on documentation, processes, and procedures.
    • Managed and configured networks across multiple locations (stores & warehouses), ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal performance.

  • IT Analyst
    • Collaborated with stakeholders at all levels of the business to provide innovative solutions.
    • Focused on automations, process improvements, and training initiatives
    • Bridged the gap between technology implementation and business requirements, driving efficiency and growth.


  • Microsoft 365 Migrations
    • Successfully migrated on-premise systems to Microsoft 365.
    • Ensured a seamless transition for usrs, enhancing collaboration and productivity.
    • Addressed challenges related to data migration, security, and user adoption.
  • SharePoint Online Migrations
    • Led the migration of an acquired company's data and workflows to our SharePoint Online environment.
    • Streamlined content management, enabling efficient collaboration across teams.
    • Implemented governance policies and permissions to maintain data integrity.
  • Custom data share tool for Microsoft Teams
    • Developed a bespoke solution to replace an expensive FTP service.
    • Leveraged Microsoft Teams and Power Automate to create temporary, locked-down Teams for secure external data sharing.
    • Enhanced collaboration while ensuring data privacy and compliance.

Personal Projects


Game Drop

Game Drop Logo

The ultimate platform for gamers to effortlessly curate and share adrenaline-pumping gameplay highlights directly to Discord. Extract and showcase your most thrilling 30 second clips with ease, whether you’re a streamer, content creator, or just eager to dazzle your gaming circle. Join the revolution with Game Drop today! 🎮🔥

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Vuelingo Logo

(Web version in Progress) Vuelingo is an app specifically designed for translating caption files (.vtt) into any language. It’s particularly useful for Microsoft Stream videos, where captions enhance accessibility and comprehension.

Vuelingo Screenshot Vuelingo Screenshot



Pixel Void

Pixel Void Logo

Pixel Void is an app designed to remove backgrounds from images. It’s a handy tool for isolating subjects or objects in photos by intelligently detecting and eliminating the background.

Pixel Void Screenshot Pixel Void Screenshot


Check out my other scripts and projects on GitHub.


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